Quality Control

Inter-Citic has the highest commitment to complete and accurate result reporting, quality control and the integrity of its sample collection.

Integrity and Accuracy of Press Releases

All press releases containing announcements of a mineralogical nature are prepared by senior management under the supervision of Mr. Garth Pierce, Inter-Citic's Vice President of Exploration. All press releases regarding results or exploration are then carefully reviewed and approved by both the Company's internal Qualified Person under National Instrument NI-43-101, and by an external, independent Qualified Person who has complete access to any and all Company records, logs and assay results. Inter-Citic is listed on the TSX, and all press releases are further sent to the TSX Market Regulation Services for pre-approval prior to public dissemination.

Integrity and Accuracy of Sample Collection & Assay

Inter-Citic conforms to National Instrument NI-43-101 (OSC) Protocols. The collection and security of samples is supervised at each stage by qualified personnel. Each sample is identified and sealed prior to preparation for testing. After being weighed and registered on a sample transfer list, the samples are sent to internationally recognized and independent laboratories for testing and confirmation.

Trench chip-channel samples are taken at geologically established intervals consistent with the width of the mineralized area exposed in a trench. The sample interval is typically one meter. Individual samples collected over the designated intervals are representative of the material for the respective intervals. The sample interval and collection methodology are consistent with industry standards.

Trench chip-channel samples are collected using 1.0 to 1.5 metre chip samples, each weighing approximately 3 to 5 kg. Qualified Chinese geologists and technicians under the direct field supervision of Mr. Garth Pierce, Inter-Citic's Vice President of Exploration, carry out the trench sampling.

Each sample is secured and transported to the Qinghai Institute of Rock and Mineral Testing and Application, located in Xining, Qinghai, PRC, or to the Research Center of Xi'an Institute of Geology and Mineral Resources located in Xi'an, Shaanxi Province, PRC, both independent arm's length Chinese government laboratories. At each respective laboratory, each sample is dried, crushed and a portion ground to minus 200 mesh. The gold content of each sample was determined by analyzing a 20 gram sample of the minus 200 mesh material through an aqua regia acid digestion and then analyzed for gold using atomic absorption. Accuracy of the results is tested through the systematic inclusion of standards and replicate samples.

Drill core samples are taken at geologically significant intervals, typically over one metre. The designated sample intervals are cut with a diamond saw by qualified technicians. One half of the cut core is selected for assay with the remaining half being placed back into the core box. Care is taken to ensure that neither half of the core represents a bias with respect to the nature and mineral content of the sample. The sample interval and methodology are consistent with industry standards. Drill core samples are shipped to SGS Geochemical Laboratories ("SGS") located in Kunming and Tianjin, China for sample preparation and 50g fire assay with AA finish. SGS is the world's leading inspection, verification, testing and certification company. Analytical work is performed in accordance with recognized standards such as ASTM, ISO, JIS, and other accepted industry standards. Accuracy of the results is tested through the systematic inclusion of certified reference standards, blanks and duplicate samples.

All of the samples collected are stored in a restricted secure storage area. Samples are shipped by truck to Golmud and delivered to Inter-Citic's courier agent in Golmud for shipment to the various laboratories for analysis. Inter-Citic's courier agents are present at all transshipment points between Golmud and the laboratories. All the laboratories used by Inter-Citic for core analysis are ISO approved and subject to the security protocols of that designation.