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The Land and History

Land and HistoryInter-Citic's Dachang Gold Project is located in the Province of Qinghai, western China. Qinghai is the province to the north of the Tibet Autonomous Region. A succession of pastoral peoples have inhabited Qinghai over the past three millennia, including a wave of Tibetans in the seventh century followed by an influx of Mongols after the 13th century under the famous Kublai Khan, who established administrations to govern parts of Qinghai. Most of modern day Qinghai was incorporated into the Chinese Empire in 1724. Qinghai was under the administration of the Ming and Qing dynasties until the Qing dynasty fell in 1911. After 1912 it was under the government of the Northern Warlords. On January 1, 1929, Qinghai Province formally became part of modern China under the Nationalist Government of Chiang Kai-shek, and remains today a province of the People's Republic of China. The population of the Province of Qinghai today is a predominantly Chinese, with ethnic Muslim and Tibetan minorities.