Our commitment to the environment and local culture

The Environment

The Environment 1Inter-Citic understands that mining is a temporary use of the land. Accordingly we are deploying The Prospectors and Developers Association of Canada's (PDAC) Environmental Excellence In Exploration (3E) guidelines for environmentally responsible mining and exploration best practices.

At Inter-Citic we are very sensitive to environmental and cultural issues, and committed to a policy of respect for both people and the land.

Wherever our exploration takes us, we are committed to using the most environmentally sound and least disruptive techniques available to do our work, whether it's in the tundra-like conditions of Qinghai or the desert of Mongolia. Modern technology allows us to explore more efficiently and with less effect on the environment than previously deployed in these regions.

Inter-Citic also treats its Chinese partners - whether they are senior government officials or our front-line workers - with the respect and consideration they deserve. This not only includes a commitment to help the local economy whenever possible, it also is reflected in Inter-Citic's dedication to transfer valuable knowledge and skills to our local partners so that they can continue to better themselves.

The Environment 2Inter-Citic's special relationship with our Chinese partners is the result of having spent the better part of a decade learning about the unique way business is conducted in China. We well understand the subtleties and the importance of these relationships.

Wherever we go, we are also mindful that we are more than partners, we are also guests. We respect the many differences we find and never fall into the Western arrogance that we know best how to deal with local issues and concerns. As we gain a further appreciation of the circumstances of the local people through ongoing dialogue and engagement we become better able to target locally the social benefit of our work.